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ESTI Excess Temperature Protectors are delivered in perfect condition.


ESTI appliances are safety protection elements which in case of an emergency have to work immediately.


Therefore a regular check is essential. The switch head is as good as maintenance-free. Special attention has to be directed to the function of the release pin of the probe.


This function has to be checked as folIows:

When removing the catridge carrier including working ESTI cartridge, an excess temperature is simulated, releasing the switch head.

In case the switch head is not released, the ESTI appliance has to be dismounted end checked carefully.


Periods between the inspections depend on the ambient conditions (dirt) the appliances are exposed to.



ESTI Excess Temperature Protection

The manutacturer is not responsible for consequential damages because of inadequate maintenance..


The standard length for the ESTI Excess Temperature Protection Appliances with probe will be found in the data sheets. Moreover these appliances with probes can be supplied for maximum length of 800 mm. The prices tor these units are stated in the price-list. Standard probes are made of nickel-plated brass. Other material on request, against surcharge.

ESTI cartridges are manufactured in a standard design with operating temperatures of 40 to 300 degrees C. Minimum order quantity is 10 units.

Reinforced ESTI cartridges require special manufacture and can be produced from 50 degrees C upwards (against surcharge).

"Standard" resp. "reinforced" cartridges refer to the thickness of the walls of the ESTI cartridge glass bulb. ESTI cartridges with an operating temperature of more

than 300 degrees C are delivered against surcharge. ESTI cartridges with an operating temperature of 40 degrees C burst at lukewarm temperatures and they therefore need expert treatment in dispatch and storage. Storage during the warm season only in a refrigerator. Dispatch during summer time at consignee's own risk.

ESTI cartridges cannot be exchanged.





After bursting of the ESTI cartridge and before inserting a new one the cartridge carrier has to be cleaned carefully of glass splinters.


The cartridge carrier has to be secured by a cotter when the ESTI cartridge is inserted.


Prices of the appliances have to be understood without ESTI cartridge.


All prices are to be understood ex factory Berlin, packing not included.


Terms of payment:

14 days after date of invoice with 2 % discount,

30 days after date of invoice net cash.


The General Sales and Delivery Conditions für products and service of the German electrical industry apply.


Assertion of claims for damage is limited to the value ot the damaged goods delivered. Further claims, for whatever reason, are excluded.


The dimensions and illustrations can vary. We reserve the right to alter specifications at any time without notice.


All contracts shall be construed under German Law and the Court of Berlin-Charlottenburg.