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ESTI Excess Temperature Protector EDA 25

triple-pole circuit-breaker 25 A / 380 - 440 V AC


The circuit-breaker can be delivered without flange, with flange and with cap nut.


Please, contact us for sending you an dimensions draw of the switch.



  • continuous-flow water heaters, pressure storage, pre-heaters for oil, steam producers, drying ovens etc.

The EDA 25 can be delivered with cap nut (1/2" thread).

  • Operating temperature for the switch head: 130 degrees C, for the probe: more than 300 degrees C.

In Case operating temperature is higher than 130 degrees C, the length of the probe has to be selected so that the switch head is not heated above 130 degrees C.

  • Standard length of the probe: approx. 85 mm, diameter: 12 mm.