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ESTI Excess Temperature Protector ES, EST 6/800

single-pole cut-out switch with screw cap 6 A / 800 V DC.


All switches are standardly equipped with caps. Dimensions of the aluminium cast base plate are the same for all switches.


Please, contact us for sending you an dimensions draw of the switch.


ES 6/800

With regard to switch and release mechanics this type of switch is identic with ES 15/1 and ES 15/3. As the temperature exceeds the limit set by the ESTI cartridge the latter bursts, releasing the switch, which then breaks the circuit of the current. After a new ESTI cartridge has been inserted, the switch is immediately operational.

Application: for the protection of motors, live rails, bearings etc.

EST 6/800

Equipped with metal probe.

Application: control of heating, de-frosting and cooling systems as well as in railways.

Standard length of the probe:

Type EST 6/800: approx. 100 mm


Operating temperatures:

Switch heads 130 degrees C

Metal probe 300 degrees C

Gaps tor EST 15/1 U and EST 15/3, 90 degrees C