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ESTI Excess Temperature Protector ETZ 13, ETA 12


Please, contact us for sending you an dimensions draw of the switch.

ETZ 13

ESTI Thermo-lntermediate link with ESTI cartridge


ETA 12

ESTI Thermo-lntermediate link with ESTI cartridge

  • Application and function as described with ETZ 13. Both ETA 12 and ETZ 13 are available with or without visor cutting.

Highest operating temperature for both thermo-intermediate-links is over 300 degrees C.

  • Whenever doors, bulk-heads, throttle and other valves, cocks etc. are to be opened or closed at certain temperatures the ETZ 13 and ETA 12 are recommended for use whenever.

The locking pin held in position by the ESTI cartridge connects two links which can be loaded to a maximum of 300 n (30 kp). When the ESTI cartridge comes into action the locking pin snaps back, the strain is released and the desired protection process commences.

Any number, according to local conditions, of the ETZ 13 can be installed as an endless chain, one end being attached to a spring while the other end is connected to a limit switch which is activated when the ESTI cartridge comes into action.

This arrangement offers the advantage that there is no need for installing electric wires in the room or hall to be protected and that the only wires necessary are those leading, on one side of the room to the limit switches.

This means a considerable saving.

Rooms where explosions may occur are exceptionally well protected by the ETZ 13 due to the absence of sparking..