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ESTI Excess Temperature Protector SK 10 1/U

single-pole change-over switch tor ESTI cartridge

or thermo insert

AC 15: 400 V 1 6 A / DC 13: 230 V / 0.25 A

Combined with ESTI cartridge the SK 10/1 U can be used for many applications, as even with a voltage of 24 V DC it switches the working currents in the mA-range correctly.

This switch is also available with a 1/2" cap nut or 1/2" connection.

Highest operating temperature for the switch head is 90 degrees C, for the probe 300 degrees C.

When using ESTI cartridges over 90 degrees C, please heed that the switch head is not to be heated above this temperature. Standard length of the probe: approx. 200 mm. Diameter: 12 mm.

Special characteristics:

  • Sturdy cast aluminium casing.
  • Inflexible cast aluminium cover.
  • Three cable entries.
  • Protection category: IP 65 (acc. to DIN 40050, part 8). When leading in cables and wires, take care that the intended protection category is not limited.
  • Resistant to vibration becauseof increased contact pressure.


Please, contact us for sending you an dimensions draw of the switch.