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ESTI Excess Temperature Protector TEC

Thermo-connector with ESTI cartridge


  • Application

Whenever doors, bulk-heads, throttle and other valves, cocks etc. are to be opened or closed at certain temperatures the TEC thermo-connector is recommended to be used.

  • Description

The thermo-connector TEC consists of two identical symmetric parts (discs) which are held together by a hook with axle link and the ESTI cartridge. After bolting, the second hook is arranged between the clamps.

  • Operating principle

Under tractive tension this intermediate link arrests for example gates or shutters etc. The temperature sensitive part, the ESTI cartridge, is embedded between two closed discs and bursts when reaching the operating temperature. The hook which keeps the appliance glides off on a sloping area. Strength: between 1 and 50 kp.

The release temperatures of the ESTI cartridges for this use are between 40 and 300 degrees C.

Important note for assembly

When assembling please keep in mind that there is a free space of about 0.5 mm between the hooks as weil as between the discs, at hight of the sloping area. That means that the release has to "rattle" after assembling. In some cases the hooks have to be bend out of shape.

Please, contact us for sending you an dimensions draw of the switch.